Based in Los Angeles, CA, Maximus Tribe (or simply Maximus) is a consumer telemedicine clinic that specializes in at-home lab tests and doctor-prescribed treatment protocols for men’s optimal hormone function and overall health. Maximus’ platform facilitates member access to licensed board-certified US-based physicians that can prescribe medications as they deem appropriate and necessary. 

In this review, we will look specifically into the Testosterone Protocol and TRT+ Protocol, and examin their effectiveness, convenience, and the overall user experience.

Testosterone Protocol

Containing no actual testosterone despite its name, this is an entry level testosterone treatment protocol. This treatment could double testosterone levels though I would be cautious about expecting that much. The protocol’s components are enclomiphene, pregnenolone and the Building Blocks multivitamin.

It is ideal for people looking for a gradual and mild lift in testosterone – not your best option if you are far off from optimal levels, but a great one if you are seeking a subtle improvement in hormonal balance and overall well-being.

Oral TRT+ Protocol

Maximus promises a 2-5 times increase in blood testosterone for persons that get on its Oral TRT+ protocol. Fair enough because that’s the ballpark for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). TRT is after all, the quickest and most direct way to increase testosterone levels.

The ‘+’ in the protocol’s name is because it includes enclomiphene (an anti-estrogenic) and pregnenolone (a pro-hormone). In some respects, I consider these extras as a bit of overkill. Enclomiphene has been shown to stimulate natural testosterone production but certainly cannot raise testosterone levels anywhere near as much as TRT. Pregnenolone is a steroid that’s a precursor to many hormones including testosterone. Similarly, it will have a negligible impact on testosterone levels when compared to TRT.

How Do They Work

Both the Testosterone Protocol and the Oral TRT+ Protocol follow a similar structured and streamlined process. This process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, providing you with personalized care at every step. Here is a detailed look at each stage of the process to help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for your treatment journey.

  • Step 1: Medical Questionnaire
    The process typically starts with preliminary lab tests and/or an exhaustive medical questionnaire to help Maximus identify your unique health goals and needs. Next, you are introduced to a licensed, board-certified physician during the onboarding process. Consultation occurs via a text-based application. 
  • Step 2: At-Home Baseline Test
    You'll receive a comprehensive at-home test kit to collect a blood sample from your shoulder. This sample measures your total testosterone, SHBG, and LH, helping to calculate your free testosterone levels. These results establish your baseline for tracking progress and customizing your treatment plan.
  • Step 3: Custom Treatment Plan
    Based on your lab results, your doctor will prescribe a treatment plan tailored to your needs, explaining the benefits and expectations. The plan is optimized every 30 days.
  • Step 4: Follow-Up and Optimization
    After 30 days of treatment, you'll receive another at-home lab test to monitor your testosterone improvements. Results are available in your patient portal, allowing continuous optimization of your treatment plan.



Protocol Pricing

Lab Test Pricing

Testosterone Protocol

From $99.99 monthly

Lab tests at $99.99 (required twice).

TRT+ Protocol

From $199.99 monthly

Lab tests from $109.99 (per month after first quarter of use then annually thereafter).

Refund Policy

Maximus’ refund policy has been somewhat contentious. One particularly unflattering review by a Reddit user claimed the company made misleading promises. He expected to get a refund when he canceled his subscription before 90 days. Maximus declined the refund noting that the person’s testosterone levels had gone up by 100 points (something, the customer conceded was true). 

To its credit, the company did respond to the complaint, asserting that the source of the confusion was the user not reading the existing refund policy. Partly in response to this and similar incidents, Maximus has since updated its policy to reflect that there will be no refunds for any payments customers make. However, the company may provide refunds or credits on a case-by-case basis as it deems fit. 

What this effectively does is leave refunds to Maximus’ sole discretion irrespective of whether the protocol user experiences a testosterone increase or not before cancellation.

Educational Resources

Maximus provides multiple resources for users’ self-paced learning. The weekly live coaching sessions are what I think stand out the most. Here, you get tips on exercise, nutrition, focus and sleep. Maximus gushes about its community on Discord where members exchange views and experiences on male health. The other learning resources are what I’d term standard – a help center, blog and podcasts (the podcast section is a little dated though with the most recent one published in February 2022).

Customer Support

Maximus does well as far as the sheer number of channels you can reach the company through goes. We are talking about email, live chat, phone and snail mail. I think snail mail is an especially thoughtful feature – a sizable proportion of the clinic’s clients are bound to be in their senior years and may prefer this more traditional channel of communication.  The main downside is that no channel is staffed 24/7. Even the live chat is mostly run by a bot with human representatives available on limited hours.

Reviews and Ratings

Maximus has an aggregated 4.4 rating out of 5 stars from just over 200 reviews on Trustpilot. Customers that speak highly of the company cite its strengths as the improvements in energy, libido and erections. Other merits cited with some regularity are the extensive educational resources, responsive customer service and supportive user community. Those that have expressed disappointment talk about the high cost, shipment delays and stifling dissenting views on the community forum.

The TRT+ Protocol is absolutely legit!

Excellent patient service. Test levels have increased 130%. Overall my energy level has increased, my feeling of well being and decreased anxiety has occurred. Just generally feel much better!



TRUE masculine recovery

Maximus has proven that they are truly dedicated to Men's health and wellness.
It's been a painless and amazing experience to use their products and services and have recommended them to all of my friends and family.



Highly Recommend Maximus.

I've been an active user for about ten months. I joined three of the company's protocols. I have nothing but great things to share about my journey. Customer service has always been 10/10. I've had one small shipping delay over the holidays, and the customer service reps went above and beyond to provide tracking details over the weekend.

The Discord community is seriously awesome. Help shape many of my lifestyle choices.

Mario M.


Key Strengths and Drawbacks


  • Personalized protocols developed by licensed, board-certified physicians tailored to individual health goals
  • Telemedicine platform allows for easy access to consultations and follow-ups via a text-based application.
  • Extensive educational resources suitable for both newbies and regular testosterone treatment users.
  • Multiple customer support channels (live chat, email, phone and mail).
  • Available in nearly all US states.
  • High rating on Trustpilot with many users reporting significant improvements in energy, libido, and overall well-being.


  • Strict refund policy with no guarantees, leaving refunds at the sole discretion of Maximus.
  • Relatively high cost of treatment and lab tests, which may be a barrier for some users.
  • Limited availability of human customer support, with no 24/7 service.
  • Potentially over-moderated community forum which may not be representative of all views.


Barely 4 years old, Maximus is a fairly new business. Despite its newness, the company has quickly established itself as a noteworthy player in the testosterone telemedicine clinic space. The multiple treatment protocols, customer support channels and learning resources coupled with its availability in much of the US and the high review ratings makes it a treatment plan that scores better than many of its peers.

Testosterone Protocol

Oral TRT+ Protocol

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