As men get older, it's normal for testosterone levels to gradually decline. But for some, this decline is more dramatic and leads to disruptive symptoms like low energy, reduced muscle mass, weight gain, and plummeting sex drive. This condition is known as low T or hypogonadism, and up to 40% of men over 40 may suffer from it.

Fortunately, there are medical solutions available, like testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), that can safely and effectively raise T levels back to an optimal range. But traditionally, getting diagnosed and receiving treatment for low T has been an arduous process filled with doctor visits, long waits, insurance battles, and even uncomfortable injections.

That's why Fountain TRT is revolutionizing how men access TRT. Fountain is an online men's health clinic dedicated specifically to treating low T. Their streamlined telemedicine platform and topical TRT treatments are making it easier than ever for men to get their energy, vitality and masculinity back.

What is Fountain TRT?

Fountain TRT is the creation of Dr. Doron Stember who dealt with men's sexual dysfunctions for years as a practicing urologist. Through his clinical work and research, he realized the vast physical and emotional burden low testosterone placed on men who exhibited decreased energy, libido and strength from declining hormone levels.

Frustrated with the medical establishment’s inability to efficiently diagnose and treat hypogonadism, Dr. Stember launched Fountain - an online direct-to-consumer TRT clinic catering specifically to male health and hormone optimization.

Fountain's emphasis on patient experience and convenience along with their array of treatment options appealed to me instantly. The simplicity of doing everything remotely to have therapy prescribed and delivered to my home seemed too good to be true. But I took a chance, and here is what I found...

How Does Fountain TRT Work?

Fountain TRT leads men through a structured remote evaluation and prescription process that does not require stepping foot inside a doctor's office. Everything is handled online and treatment is shipped directly to your home, whether it is the topical cream or the injections.

It starts with their online Low-T assessment which takes just 2 minutes to complete. This screener was designed by Dr. Stember to evaluate common hypogonadism symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, low libido, and mood issues.

If your results indicate you may have clinically low testosterone levels, you can opt to get your bloodwork done at one of Fountain's partner labs around the country. This shows your actual testosterone numbers so Fountain's doctors can properly assess your hormone levels.

You will then schedule a consultation over video chat with one of Fountain's experienced physicians. Similar to an in-person visit, you will discuss your symptoms, review lab results, and create a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.

If TRT is determined to be suitable for you, Fountain will handle getting your prescription approved and delivered straight to your home on an ongoing basis. The streamlined telemedicine structure makes receiving treatment incredibly convenient without ever setting foot in a clinic.

My Experience With Fountain TRT

My experience with Fountain TRT was straightforward, hassle-free, and entirely online. It started with their initial Low T assessment to identify symptoms. After I qualified, I went to their partner lab for a blood test to detemine my testosterone levels. A doctor then reviewed the lab report and explained my results to me. The final step was a telehealth visit with a Fountain doctor to discuss treatment options—I chose the topical cream delivered to my home, but they also have injections available.

Throughout the process, I especially appreciated Fountain's streamlined synchronization, overwhelmingly positive user reviews, continuous support team, and affordable flat monthly fee.

For anyone uncertain about their testosterone levels, I highly recommend the intro $35 exam to learn about your health and needs before deciding on further treatment. After you do this exam you can decide to continue with a consultation or simply walk away. No pressure. 

Fountain TRT Treatment Options

The medical providers at Fountain TRT believe that testosterone therapy works best when tailored to the individual. So in addition to bloodwork analysis and consultations, they offer TRT therapies in different formulations.

Two of their most common options are topical testosterone creams/gels applied daily, and deeper penetrating testosterone injections given 1-3 times per week. But patches, pellets, and other methods are also available if deemed clinically appropriate by your overseeing physician.

Let's take a closer look at a few of the most popular types:

Topical Testosterone Creams and Gels

For many men, testosterone creams or gels are the ideal way to raise T levels while avoiding needle phobia. Fountain's topical solutions utilize cutting-edge time-released technology to gradually optimize your blood testosterone over 24 hours.

Due to enhanced skin permeation, consistent daily application leads to exceptional hormonal stability compared to injections that cause spikes and dips. The gels and creams are incredibly convenient to use. Just gently massage the prescribed amount into areas like your shoulder or inner arm each morning after showering.

Since they are applied at home, you skip travel and pharmacy waits. There is also minimal risk of accidental transference to partners or children if done properly. While slightly more expensive than injections, a 30-day supply of topical TRT costs around $200 depending on insurance and dose.

Testosterone Injections

Intramuscular testosterone injections remain the gold standard treatment. They have decades of proven clinical effectiveness and menor cost. Plus, the extended-release depot injections like testosterone cypionate only need application 1-3 times per week.

Fountain's doctors can walk you through proper self-injection technique during telemedicine appointments. If you dislike needles, your care team is always available to troubleshoot any issues.

Injections range between $100-$150 for a monthly supply. This cost difference from topical solutions mostly stems from easier pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Both options allow precise dose changes so your care team can customize your TRT to meet treatment benchmarks and how you feel.

Fountain TRT Pricing and Membership Plans

One of the most frustrating parts of traditional testosterone therapy is complexity surrounding costs. Fountain simplifies this by offering an all-inclusive flat monthly membership fee that bundles together your treatment, virtual visits, and bloodwork.

At the time of publishing this article, their published prices break down like:

  • Topical Testosterone Creams/Gels: $199 per month
  • Testosterone Injections: $99 per month

So for less than $7 a day with topicals or $3 a day with injections, you receive everything you need for TRT without hassling with insurance. There are also no hidden fees, membership costs, or surprise bills.

Considering most standard healthcare plans have deductibles exceeding $1000 plus 20-30% coinsurance rates, Fountain's simple transparent pricing model makes treatment incredibly affordable.

They even offer financial assistance programs for those who qualify to make TRT accessible for everyone.

Benefits of Fountain TRT

As an industry-leading men's telemedicine clinic, Fountain TRT offers a wide range of advantages traditional healthcare lacks. Convenience is king when it comes to their remote care model.

But more importantly, their innovative therapies reliably resolve low T symptoms to help men regain their vitality. Let's explore some of the biggest perks:

  • Improved Energy and Reduced Fatigue
    Balanced testosterone plays an essential role in sustaining a man's natural energy levels. Researchers have directly linked higher T levels to decreased tiredness and improved daily stamina. Most men notice a substantial difference within one month of optimizing their testosterone.
  • Enhanced Sexual Health
    Few things emasculate a man more than losing his sex drive. But TRT serves as a legitimate magic pill for revitalizing libido and sexual performance. Injections or topical creams quickly restore erectile quality and reawakens your desire for intimacy through testosterone's biological pathway.
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
    Muscle growth and physical strength reach their prime in a man's early 20s when testosterone peaks. That makes declining T levels public enemy #1 for maintaining your physique as you get older. TRT fuels your body's muscle-building mechanics leading to faster gains and easier fat loss.
  • Better Mood and Mental Acuity
    In addition to physical changes, many men report TRT sharpening their thinking, memory, focus, and mood. Researchers believe testosterone regulates parts of the brain controlling concentration and emotion. Restoring your levels can really help you dial in at work and feel less stressed.

There are also positive impacts on red blood cell production, heart health, and bone density from normalizing testosterone through replacement therapy.

Getting Started with Fountain TRT

Wondering what the first move is if you think you exhibit signs of low T? Getting the ball rolling is simple – just visit Fountain's website and take their short digital Low-T quiz.

This online evaluation was designed by specialists to screen for hypogonadism red flags. It serves as an ideal jumping point to determine if TRT might be suitable for you.

If your assessment indicates pursuing treatment, you can schedule a free consultation with one of Fountain's doctors. This video call allows reviewing your symptoms in depth to create a customized health optimization plan. The board-certified physicians walk you through safe proven protocols for restoring peak vitality.

From there, managing low T on your terms becomes reality with medication discreetly arriving at your door. It's time to stop making excuses and reclaim your energy, physique, and sex drive through the innovative care Fountain TRT provides.

Fountain TRT 

  • Streamlined Process
  • Overwhelmingly Good Reviews From Users
  • Topical Cream Solution or Injections
  • Continuous Support
  • Flat Monthly Fee


Is Fountain TRT Right For Me?

Fountain TRT is a great option for healthy men who have low testosterone levels and symptoms affecting their daily life. However, it's not suitable for everyone.

If you have certain medical conditions, like breast or prostate cancer, testosterone therapy might carry risks. It's always best to chat with your doctor if you're unsure or have any concerns.

If you are not sure where to start, I would recommend taking Fountain's free assessment. It's a simple way to see if you're a suitable candidate. And don't worry, their team will be there to help you at every step, ensuring your safety and comfort.

Does insurance cover Fountain TRT?

No, Fountain TRT is an out-of-network provider so treatment is paid directly by the patient. Their all-inclusive pricing makes costs simple without insurance headaches.

How long will I need treatment?

Treatment duration varies, but most men need to continue TRT long-term to keep testosterone levels optimized. Your medical team will monitor your progress and advise if you can ever stop.

What payment options are available?

Fountain TRT offers flexible payment plans that allow you to pay your flat monthly fee over 3, 6, or 12 installments. Contact them to discuss details.

What training and experience does the medical team have?

Fountain TRT doctors complete residencies and fellowships focused specifically on sexual health, hormones, and testosterone therapy so patients get specialized care.


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