While brick and mortar clinics remain the place most people would go to for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), online TRT clinics have rapidly gained traction in recent years in line with the increasing embrace of telemedicine. TRT online clinics promise speed, efficiency and convenience. However, the quality of your experience with online TRT clinics will depend on the actual provider you choose. 

A wrong choice can be costly. TRT is a prescription-only treatment plan for a reason. As a steroid, wrongly administered or poorly supervised testosterone use comes with multiple health risks such as cardiovascular diseases, liver conditions, prostate problems and more than a dozen other health challenges.

As different clinics jostle for market share, it can be difficult to make out the real pros and cons of each beyond the flashy marketing slogans. If you are looking for an online TRT clinic and have narrowed your options down to Fountain TRT and TRT Nation, it’s vital that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each so you can make the right choice. 

I’ll take you through a deep dive of Fountain TRT and TRT Nation, explain how the two compare and help you make the right decision.

Services Offered

Fountain TRT

Fountain TRT is an online TRT clinic headquartered in Austin, TX. It is a relatively recent market entrant having opened its doors in 2020. However, the company banks on the medical knowledge and industry experience of its founders. Notably, co-founder and urologist Dr. Doron Stember, has been treating men for low testosterone for about a decade before he started Fountain TRT. 

The clinic’s sole function is testosterone replacement therapy. By default, Fountain TRT prescribes testosterone medication as a cream that the patient applies to their shoulder – that’s a plus for individuals that balk at the thought of pills and needles. However, testosterone injections are available as well. Fountain TRT serves patients aged 18 and over, and is available in 21 US states.

TRT Nation

Headquartered in Tampa, FL, TRT Nation was founded in 2019 which makes it only slightly older than Fountain TRT. The company purports to have more than 10 years’ industry experience. However, information on its founders and management is scanty which makes it difficult to know the basis for its decade-long experience claim despite the business commencing operations in 2019. 

TRT Nation prescribes TRT, HCG therapy and peptide therapy medication. Online enrollment is designed to take no more than five minutes. The company serves all states with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, Arkansas and Alabama. Patients must be at least 24 years old. 

Treatment Protocols

There are significant similarities but also a couple of differences between the two clinics’ treatment regimen. 

Comparison of treatment approaches

Fountain TRT

  • Complete a five-minute questionnaire created by a board-certified urologist. It’s a preliminary check of low testosterone symptoms. Qualified persons can be further assessed by a specialist.
  • Schedule a blood test at partner labs to determine testosterone levels.
  • Schedule a virtual appointment with a doctor to discuss the self-assessment and blood test results while conducting a detailed evaluation.
  • If low testosterone is confirmed, a prescription is issued and testosterone topical cream shipped by a US based FDA registered pharmacy. 
  • Subsequently, testosterone cream is shipped every month.

TRT Nation

  • Fill and/or upload medical form, intake forms, valid ID and labs.
  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment and consultation.
  • Prescription issued after the blood screening/testing and consultation only
  • Medication is dispensed by a US based FDA registered pharmacy. First medication is received within 10 business days of consultation. Consists of syringes and TRT medication.
  • Minimum order of 2.5 months’ supply. Refill medication as early as the eighth week of existing supply.

Customization Options for Patients

Both clinics have some room for treatment customization.

  • Fountain TRT – Testosterone cream is the default medium of drug administration. However, patients can opt for testosterone injections instead.
  • TRT Nation – Apart from TRT, the clinic also runs Peptide therapy and HCG therapy programs that can be, where needed, prescribed together with TRT. Also, patients are free to provide third-party labs (as long as they are no more than 90 days old) and to transfer their treatment plan from another TRT clinic (as long as the labs are no more than five months old). 

A Note on Self-Directed Customization

Note that TRT patients sometimes choose to reduce their daily dose without doctor’s clearance. It’s possible because once the medication is shipped, it is no longer within the clinic’s control. For example, while the doctor may prescribe 200mg, the patient may on his own volition reduce this to 100mg or less. This is a form of self-directed customization. Whereas reducing the dose is far less risky than increasing it, I would discourage this form of self-medicating if it isn’t authorized by the clinic’s or your own doctor.

Cost and Insurance


Fountain TRT

  • A single all-inclusive $199 monthly fee that covers medication, virtual visits and medical support.
  • Free lab fees indefinitely.

TRT Nation

  • S99.99 per month (minimum 2.5 month’s supply translating to $249). This includes initial consultation, TRT medication and follow ups. 
  • S149.99 per month (minimum 2.5 month’s supply). This includes initial consultation, TRT medication, HCG therapy medication and follow ups. 
  • TRT Nation’s pricing does not include the lab fee of $129. Labs consist of tests on total testosterone, comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), complete blood count (CBC), estradiol sensitivity and, for patients over 40, prostate-specific antigen (PSA). 


Neither Fountain TRT and TRT Nation are participating providers with any public or private medical insurance program. Patients are required to pay for the service on a cash basis i.e. out of pocket. However, patients can, on request and in their own judgment, request for a bill showing their payment that they can then submit to their insurance provider for reimbursement. 

This is in large part due to the more conservative view that insurance companies have on healthy testosterone levels. Insurers only deem TRT as necessary when it falls below 250 ng/dl, the lower band of what is considered normal on the testosterone scale

Patient Support and Resources

Fountain TRT

  • Follow up virtual consultation occurs every 3-6 months.
  • Email support.
  • Text support.
  • Phone call support.
  • Blog albeit outdated. Last substantial blog post was published in September 2021. Only prescription guidelines published since then.
  • Relatively small customer base meaning limited real life user experiences to learn from.

TRT Nation

  • Follow up labs after the first 10 weeks of treatment. Thereafter, labs are performed every six months.
  • Phone call support.
  • Limited email support.
  • Blog.
  • Larger customer base and footprint translates to a larger library of experiences. TRT Nation is by far the more sought after clinic based on Google Trends. This is confirmed by a Google Search of both clinics that yields 62,400 results for Fountain TRT and 378,000 for TRT Nation.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Before we get into the two clinics’ testimonials and reviews, first let’s take a look at the context. Fountain TRT does not have that many third party platform customer reviews to go by (at least a high enough number to build a reliable picture of the service). It does have dozens of on-page testimonials. Nevertheless, while these testimonials are helpful, they are best corroborated by what customers have to say on third party review platforms where the clinic has a more limited control of opinions. 

Fountain TRT does have about 180 reviews on Trustpilot but these remain relatively small when compared to TRT Nation’s review footprint. In fact, TRT Nation has hardly any on-page testimonials but boasts a wide array of reviews across major independent platforms including Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau and Reddit. 

As far as more specific sentiment goes, customers of the two clinics have the following to say: 

Fountain TRT

  • Commendations – Improved vitality, workouts, libido and weight loss. Responsive customer service. 
  • Complaints – Expensive, failed deliveries, inconsistent communication, cream takes considerably longer to take effect than an injection. 

TRT Nation

  • Commendations – Improved libido and workouts. Also, relatively low cost labs, accepting third party labs, quick convenient refills and the availability of HCG. 
  • Complaints – Clunky patient portal, cookie cutter approach, inadequate explanations, consultation feels more like tech support than medical advice, unresponsive customer support.

Pros and Cons

Fountain TRT


  • Option of testosterone creams or injections.
  • A more gradual approach to prescription. Starts off with self-assessment. Makes it ideal for first-time patients.
  • Simple pricing structure. One plan that covers everything including lab fees. 
  • Monthly payment.
  • Available to persons 18 years and older
  • Follow up consultations every 3-6 months.
  • Phone, email and text support.


  • Limited offerings. A TRT clinic only.
  • Does not accept third party labs.
  • Does not accept clinic transfers
  • Available in just 21 states.
  • Fewer customization options.

TRT Nation


  • More than TRT. Provides HCG therapy and peptide therapy options as well.
  • Greater treatment customization.
  • Accepts third party labs.
  • Accepts transfers from other TRT clinics.
  • More affordable prescriptions per month.
  • Follow up consultation after the first 2.5 months then after every 6 months thereafter.
  • Current and up to date blog.
  • Available in 47 states.


  • Administered via injection only.
  • Unsuitable for first time TRT patient. Best suited for patients’ that already understand their testosterone levels and want to go directly to consultation and treatment.
  • Minimum of 2.5 months’ supply per order. You cannot order monthly.
  • More complex pricing structure.
  • Lab fees charged separately.
  • Phone call support only. Little to no email support.


Fountain TRT and TRT Nation were founded roundabout the same time but this masks significant differences between how clinics are run. Each clinic has strengths that make it more appealing to specific types of TRT patients. 

Fountain TRT’s more gradual onboarding process, simpler pricing structure and its preference for testosterone creams makes it ideal for the first time or less knowledgeable patient. On the other hand, TRT Nation’s acceptance of third party labs, clinic transfers, availability of HCG and peptide therapy, bigger geographical footprint and a substantially large user base is best suited for the more experienced patient that requires only minimal guidance in the treatment process. 

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