Discount prescription drug cards may reduce your out-of-pocket payments for prescription drugs. They are either used instead of or alongside your insurance. The hundreds of prescription cards available fall into several groups. Each group and card may have its own restrictions. A general rule of thumb is that you should ensure that the use of a discount card is compatible with your insurance plan. Also, you should not have to pay a fee to obtain or use the card.

  • Discount/Savings Cards – Hundreds of companies, organizations and even individuals offer drug savings cards. These are readily available because it is an uncomplicated effort to setup a small business that is authorized to offer discount cards. The business then receives a small fee each time the card is used. Many organizations have found these cards to provide a critical income source. This also means that there are many less then reputable companies offering discount cards.
  • State Cards – Each state sponsors a savings card. These frequently, but not always, coordinate the benefits with state provided services.
  • Store Affinity Cards – Most pharmacy chains offer their own branded prescription discount card for purchases made in their stores. These occasionally offer greater savings than other cards.

Savings Cards on PPA

While the Partnership for Prescription Assistance does not offer a savings card, we do provide a listing of savings cards that meet our requirements. A listing on our site does not imply a review or endorsement of the card. View Savings Cards using the Get Help Now wizard, the program listing page or the savings card page