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Here’s a useful checklist to help guide your conversation with your doctor during your child’s back-to-school physical. Connect With PPA: Back-To-School Physical Checklist During your appointment your child’s doctor will make sure your child’s weight, height and blood pressure are within normal ranges and address anyconcerns you may have. And don’t forget to talk about your child’s mental and emotional health! Happy and healthy go together. Annual physicals are very important for your child’s health, and right before school starts is the perfect timeto schedule this appointment! Your child may need vaccines or immunizations before he or she can enroll inor return to school. Some school districts even require a physical examination to enter certain grades orparticipate in sports. How much sleep should my child be getting?There are different recommendations for kidsand teens of different ages. 1. Are there any foods I should avoid feeding my child?The American Academy of pediatrics is warningparents that chemicals in food and packagingmay harm children. 3. Is my child’s weight appropriate for his age? Howmuch exercise should my child be getting every day?An active lifestyle with regular exercise can helpkeep your child healthy. 5. How do I know if my child’s allergy should beassessed or treated with medication?Allergies can detract from a child’s qualityof life. 7. How can I make sure my child gets his or hermedicine during the day?Your doctor may have suggestions about whoto talk to, such as a school nurse. 9. How can I monitor and safeguard my child’s mental health?Talk to your doctor about your child’s emotionalhealth. Physical health and mental health go together. 10. What do I do if my child won’t take his or her medicine?Medicines may come in different formats thatyour child may find preferable. 8. When it comes to personal devices, how muchis too much screen time?Screen time can interfere with sleep and causeeye fatigue. 2. How much water should my child be drinkingevery day?Hydration is crucial for all children and teens. 4. Which vaccines and immunizations should my child begetting now and in the future?Vaccines and immunizations protect your child andthose around him or her. Be prepared to provide yourchild’s vaccine history if your doctor does not have it already. 6.